torsdag den 13. september 2012

A Children's Book About Sex

What is this?
This is my attempt to make book for children that provides an introduction to sex and how a baby is born.

If you want to download the book as an e-book or if you
want to order a printed version of the book in Danish
go here
If you want to download the book as an e-book or if you
want to order a printed version of the book in German
go here

My Vision
My vision was to create a small picture book that presented this subject in a beautiful, sensual and adventurous way. I started working on the book in the year 2003 (when my son was 4 years old) and I publish it for the first time now in 2012. I've been working on this on and off throughout this period. No other project have I put so much effort into over such a long period of time as I have with this book. The desire to make this book came when I had to explain to my son about sex and how a baby is born.

Why is the book free?
The book can be read on-line and downloaded for free. I have chosen a free solution, because I do not think it will be possible to make any money on the book and I would really like this book to reach an audience. I have found a way to distribute it where it does not cost me anything. Therefore, I give the book away for free.

Note to the adult
The entire book is adventurous and sensual rather than scientific and practical. The book remains at a "pictorial level" in its way to explain things. When I read the book aloud  for my six year old daughter here in 2012 I myself experienced how the pictorial explanation in the book could be used as a springboard for a more concrete explanation in conversation with the child.
It should probably also be mention that the book contains a religious or spiritual angle in that I let an angel come with the soul of the little child.

I have worked to make the book in Danish, German and English. I am so far ready with a Danish and a German version. Ironically, it is the English version witch is still missing, but it is coming.
I am a person who makes formal mistakes and therefore there may still be errors in these versions of the books. If you find errors you are more than welcome to report back and I'll get them fixed as soon as possible.

Joyful reading.
Love, Mikkel